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Posted on May 28th, 2016 by Head Glennie

Iain will be attending (alongside Natalia Tena) the Berlin Comic Con Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October 2016.


 To book tickets and for more information click here

Posted on May 28th, 2016 by Head Glennie

Help support and promote SJA by buying this beautiful necklace. Only £8.77/11.54 Euros/17.84 Aussie dollars/12.82 USA dollars plus shipping costs. Ships Globally.

Products made by Petr at Northern Dragon Crafts.


Click here for more info and to purchase the SJA necklace

Posted on May 28th, 2016 by Head Glennie

I have added some episode stills from Episodes 3 and 4 of Game of Thrones Season 6.


Click here to see the rest of the images: Game of Thrones s6 Epsiode stills 3 & 4

Watch the latest two HBO behind the scenes interview clips with Iain regarding the GoT episodes ‘The Unburnt’ and ‘A Queen’s Command’.

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 by Head Glennie

I have added 100 screencaps of Jorah Mormont from Episode 1 of Game of Thrones Season 6 called  ‘The Red Woman’.


Click here to see the full images: Game of Thrones s6 Epsiode 1 ‘The Red Woman’ images

Posted on April 11th, 2016 by Head Glennie

I have added 14 screencaps from the behind the scenes of Game Of Thrones series 6.


Click here for more: GOT S6 Behind the scenes

Posted on April 8th, 2016 by Head Glennie

I finally got round to writing up my account of meeting Iain at last year’s L&FCC so here it is…

I had booked my tickets for the this event back in December 2014 so this was long in the planning. I was very anxious that the 2 days would go well after the disappointment of Xivents: Game of thrones fan event in Paris not happening.

Very early on I had decided it would be a fantastic opportunity to present Iain Glen with a fan book from SJA. After many months of planning, sorting and putting together and we had 30 page  book filled with fan photos, messages and artwork.


IG1smal    Iain Glenn LFCC15 Sun103

 I had agreed to meet with Daniela, Helga, Julia, Kerstin and Jo at the venue but as we all arrived at different times we decided to met inside instead. I was much earlier getting to the venue than the previous morning and it was lovely weather outside. Although the queue was still very long it seemed very well organised and we moved along pretty quickly. I eventually found my way to the photo shoot where Iain was going to be at on the ground floor. Iain wasn’t due till 10am it was about 9.20am so we had some time to kill. Julie was already there and Kerstin found us. I found Daniela and Helga near the entrance looking rather lost and guided them to the photo shoot area where Iain was due.

I remember there being a big crush for 20 odd minutes before Iain arrived. There was some what confusion with the queuing and the different types of tickets which stated who was at the front of the queue. I really felt for Daniela and Helga not speaking a lot of English it must have been very confusing and stressful for them at times so I wanted to keep them close to me so they wouldn’t miss anything. I felt faint briefly I  think due to excitement and lack of any breakfast! After about 20 minutes we started moving further along till we got to the entrance of the photo shoot area and could see him in his gorgeous black shirt and flip flops greeting fans. My heart went into a major melt down but I somehow managed to kept it together.

At last was my turn, luckily Iain knew I was coming as I had told him in a previous letter and he recognised me straight away and wrapped his arms around me squeezing against his chest – Heaven!!! He was so warm. I literally could have stayed there forever. For our second photo he suggested standing behind me and wrapping his around me (holding my hands) again heaven. I usually hate photos of e but these were two of the best I have ever had taken. He smelt amazing too!!! I told him we had a present for him and I said I would give it to him later and he said ‘yeah sure’.

P1000647    P1000654

The girls got their photos with Iain which were all wonderful and we all needed to calm down a bit first before making our way upstairs to Iain’s autograph area which was on the top floor. All the Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful guest were close together. We all noticed that Iain’s queue was already very long but we knew we had all day so we thought we would leave it until it quietened down a bit, of course it never did. He had a long line fans to meet all day. We did decide that we needed to see him though and went closer to were he was sitting to take photos. I took hundreds over the course of the day. He seemed very happy. We did eventually get a virtual Queue ticket. I think mine was 385 and stood in line. I think my heart rate must have gone up considerably by the time we were a few fans away from him. I was shaking and trying to get my camera, poster and fan book in order.

Jo kindly offered to record it on my camera and did an amazing job. Iain was so lovely as always when I gave him the fan book. He loved it and started flicking through it. I told him a little bit about it and was really touched. He asked me where I wanted to sign on my poster and what colour pen to use. He noticed my Ser Jorah’s Army wristband and said he thought they were fantastic! When we parted he held my hand for a second to say goodbye and I went over to Jo feeling all shaky again.

We said our goodbyes late afternoon and Jo and I left together. The train journey home was much longer than on the way there. I couldn’t believe the amount of time we spent lugging our suitcases to different platforms and being sent to the wrong platforms by the station staff. That was a workout in itself.

I realised because I was so involved in meeting the guests that I didn’t take any time out to look at the stalls so that is something I will make time for this year.


  • My photo shoots with Iain. Cuddling Iain in my photo shoot photos. It was his idea to squeeze me from behind in the second photo. Feeling him so close to me in the first photo was heaven!
  • Giving Iain the fanbook we had made for him. He was so thrilled and said he would reply to me as soon as he could.
  • Iain squeezing my hands as we parted. I was very lucky he personalised my poster for me as he had a sign above him saying that he wouldn’t be able to due the numbers of fans wanting to meet him.
  • Iain wearing flip flops!!!
  • Spending my day with Daniela, Helga, Jo, Julia and Kerstin
  • Jo’s fantastic Daenerys costume.
  • Getting home, putting my feet up and having a nice cup of tea.


  • The only complaint I have is that it was unbelievably hot on the first 3 floors. Sweltering in fact which made it very uncomfortable at times with so many people but meeting the guests that day made up for it.

For the rest of the photos click here: London & film comic con Iain Glen 2015 photos

All photos are my own.

Thank you @danygonebad @JuliaFernbau @dabogermany @ErdbeerRei for your company and friendship this weekend.




Posted on March 16th, 2016 by Head Glennie

Jorah appears 26 seconds into the trailer.



Posted on March 16th, 2016 by Head Glennie

Funko pop has finally released a Jorah Mormont figure. You can pre-order one from Amazon UK and Forbidden planet.


Posted on May 24th, 2015 by Head Glennie


Hi Soldiers,

Some more incredible Ser Jorah’s Army merchandise ideas for you. I mentioned recently getting some SJA wristbands. Well I was after a couple of different styles a thinner wristband and a thicker one. And I managed to pay for two amazing different designers one in Thailand and one in Russia to design these for us.

They arrived in the post yesterday and I am totally thrilled to bits with them. The thicker one isn’t quite the same as Jorah’s but I think it’s the kind of thing he would wear.




You would buy them direct from the seller and they post to anywhere worldwide. You would need to made a ‘request a custom order’ with SJA text in it.

The thicker wristband is created by Sergey at Atomfashion and can be ordered here: Atom Fashion

It’ll cost about £25/ $38 USA dollars / 35 Euros / 49 Australian dollars (plus postage)
Request the Ser Jorah’s Army text in your message and they will reply to you as soon as they can. Make sure you measure your wrist in cm send this information to them.

The thinner light brown wristband was created by Beau & Coy at Simplefraction and can ordered here:
Simple Fraction

It will cost about £8 / $12 USA dollars / 11 Euros / 15 Australian dollars (plus postage). Request the Ser Jorah’s Army text in your message and they will reply to you as soon as they can. Make sure you measure your wrist in cm send this information to them.

So what you do think? I will wear this to the LFCC and any other GOT conventions/meet ups etc. I think all SJA members should own one of these.

Head Glennie

Posted on April 14th, 2015 by Head Glennie

AND THE WINNER of the Ser Jorahs Army mug is: Kimberly Scott https://twitter.com/sonjalucianfor Congratulations! Pls DM me with your postal address. :)

More Ser Jorahs Army merchandise to be won in the coming months… :)

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